Convulsions in adults causes of

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July 8, 2019
convulsions in adults causes of

Convulsions are common in some types of seizures and rare in a few other conditions. Learn more about the causes of convulsions and what to do if someone experiences them here.

В  a convulsion is a general term used to describe uncontrollable muscle contractions. Among some of the common causes of convulsions are epileptic seizures, febrile seizures, non-epileptic seizures, and medication-induced convulsions.

Convulsions involuntary spasms especially those affecting the full body. More detailed information about the symptoms , causes, and treatments of convulsions is available below. Alternative treatments or home remedies that have been listed in various sources as possibly beneficial for convulsions may.

Convulsions are caused by a variety of factors, including epilepsy, fever, low blood sugar, meningitis, stroke, uremia (from kidney failure), head or brain injury and withdrawal from sedatives.

Learn more about types of seizures, causes and symptoms of seizures, typical treatment, and how you can help someone having a seizure.

Seizures of all types are caused by abnormal electrical activity in the brain. Causes of seizures can include abnormal levels of sodium or glucose in the blood. Brain injury that occurs to the baby during labor or childbirth.

Convulsions are more common in alcoholics, and associated with hypoglycaemia and can be triggered by a number of prescription or illegal drugs (e.).

В  the causes of seizures in adults with no previous history include epileptic, provoked or non-epileptic kind of seizures. The physician has to conduct multiple tests to diagnose the exact cause of your seizure as few medicines can also cause seizures.

В  seizures are a dramatic manifestation of a serious disturbance in brain activity. A diverse variety of conditions and disorders can precipitate seizure activity in adults.