Consenting adults spacey

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July 8, 2019
consenting adults spacey

With kevin kline, mary elizabeth mastrantonio, kevin spacey, rebecca miller. During a joint dinner at the restaurant, the neighbors offer to exchange wives for one night.

At first, i thought this movie is an erotic movie due to the title.

Consenting adults is a 1992 american mystery crime-thriller film directed by alan j. Pakula, and stars kevin kline, mary elizabeth mastrantonio, kevin spacey.

В  though i think the title consenting adults doesnt really fit the movie and is a bit misleading a movie called consenting adults really ought to be some erotic thriller about kinky taboos and such, and this movie only makes some vague hints in this direction in the first half before dropping that angle completely in the second.

This movie was just not quite as enjoyable as id expected it to be. Its got an interesting plot about swingers and a twist where spaceys wife ends up dead after kline sleeps with her.

Consenting adults is absorbing though, keeps one watching, has a great cast and can even be watched more then once without losing the element of intrigue. Spacey and the rest of the cast in general elevate this and the writing, with all its implausibilities, is clever.